First Update of September 2019 – An overview of last week’s Energy news

Below is this week’s summary. It should be a one minute read relevant to UK energy with links to documents for those who wish to read more.

(Click a bullet point to open the relevant article)

The chart below was kindly provided by Alan Foum. It seemed worth including showing Carbon Dioxide emissions from countries around the globe: per head of population in 4 bars across 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2018 with blue line showing total percentage by country based on BP and World Bank data. If the text is a little small you can use it to test your ‘flags of the world’ knowledge.

CO2 Emissions per Capita (data from BP statistical review of world energy & World Bank)

Monday – 2nd September

Tuesday – 3rd September

Wednesday – 4th September

Thursday – 5th September

Friday – 6th September

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